Apotheek Bezorgt

software for pharmacies.


ApotheekBezorgt / ApotheekBezorgd

The designs and the software including the source code that makes Apotheekbezorgt.nl and / or Apotheekbezorgd.nl possible and the associated app that runs on Android platform or other future platforms is considered to be the Work.

Apotheekbezorgd is a planning software for the delivery of packages (pharmacy packages or other types of packages).

Through a communication module, the software can communicate with the client / to receive the correct date / time of delivery. The client can change the delivery time to a better suited time and date.

The corresponding app also enables the delivery person to follow the correct, established routes. The application also registers whether the correct package has been provided to the correct client and within the right time-window.

With reporting capabilities, the software creates the right overviews and enables the administrator to perform performance measurements.

With progressive insight, the Work is constantly being developed further and expanded with the necessary functionalities to match the needs of the users. These future developments which are not yet specified belong to the Work.