software for pharmacies.



The design and the software including the source code of the software, that ensures communication between the management of the pharmacy(chain) and the pharmacy employees, doctors and clients of the pharmacies through a content management system that shares the content via different channels / platforms including mobile platforms, TV broadcasting screens in the pharmacies and social media, is considered to be the work.

The software is primarily built for pharmacies, but may also apply to other industries.

The software enables the user to set up customized content through the different layers of the organization and to share content/information with different stakeholders of the organization in a categorized manner. The reader is enhanced to confirm the reading of the content. Management is enabled to prepare performance reports and provide feedback to the users.

With progressive insight, the Work is constantly being developed further and expanded with the necessary functionalities to match the needs of the users. These future developments which are not yet specified belong to the Work.