Apotheek Logistieks

software for pharmacies.


Pharmacy Smart Logistics

The design and the software including the source code of the software that supports the logistical process in the pharmacy and enables the pharmacy to process, distribute and communicate (repeat) medication in an efficient and effective way is considered to be the work.

Through a stock ordering system, software keeps track of the stock of the pharmacies and through API’s with pharmaceutical wholesalers orders are placed to keep the stock updated.

The software has Track & Trace functionalities that enable the user to follow all prepared prescriptions in the pharmacy and through a communication module software communicates with the clients of the pharmacy about the status of their prescription and the further steps in the process.

To realize the described, software has API’s with various software platforms such as Pharmacy Information Systems, recipe scan and storage systems and ticket systems in the pharmacies.

With progressive insight, the Work is constantly being developed further and expanded with the necessary functionalities to match the needs of the users. These future developments which are not yet specified belong to the Work.